Symposium on the Refugee Crisis Management


According to UNHCR forced displacement reached its highest level since records began. The causes and effects of the refugee crisis have major security implications on the local and global level. How can we guarantee the safety of refugees? How can international border management be improved? How can the safety needs of locals in the receiving countries be met?


With the “Symposium on Refugee Crisis Management –we aim to raise awareness of common ground that exists between different actors and to clarify the need and added value of a variety of safety and security stakeholders co-creating for sustainable solutions to forced displacement.


This one day multidisciplinary symposium provides a stage for the dissemination of on-the-ground experiences with - and research on – responses to refugee crises in Europe and beyond. The main message of the symposium is: co-creation works. We also want to provide research findings and practical tools for all actors to take home, as well as expand the safety and security networks on the topic for those present.


The symposium will be held 23 March 2019.