Integration among Safety and Security aspects in Technical studies (InSaSeT)


The present LDE proposal originates from the following emerging problems: the security threats deriving from terrorism, internal malevolence, leading more industry sectors to grapple with the challenge of managing security and safety concerns in a coordinated manner. Furthermore, the digitalization creates new safety and security challenges, such as the TRITON virus, which recently attacked industrial Safety Instrumental System. Indeed, security of industrial activities has become a matter of increasing concern in recent years. Besides, the convergence of safety and security issues is a potential cause for major accidents in the case of activities where relevant quantities of dangerous substances are handled and stored, such as in the case of hazardous materials (HazMat) transportation.


To reduce the vulnerability of the society in relation to this complex emerging threat, decision-makers (either managers, engineers, practitioners, etc.) need to face choices which evolve from the only technical risk perspective, coping with the unintentional nature of the events (upsets, malfunctions, errors), towards a global scenario. This includes physical/cyber security related threats, thus associated with the unpredictable nature of external acts of interference. Therefore, the tools, methods and skills currently available may not be adequate to cope with the challenge of managing safety and security concerns in a coordinated manner.


The research is executed through the following interrelated, mutually beneficial and complementary work packages. All partners will be involved in each work package to ensure close cooperation and a shared understanding:

  • WP1 Integrated framework for the management of safety and security
  • WP2 Analysis of organization awareness and needs related to security threats and the safety issues
  • WP3 Development of integrated safety and security methods to support technical studies

Follow -up

The present LDE project is a pilot proposal and precursor for the preparation of higher-level COST and ITN proposals, which are EU-funded programmes which support the creation of interdisciplinary research networks responding to specific needs.


The expected results of this interdisciplinary research are: i) an improved integrated safety and security methodological framework, for a more enhanced and comprehensive development of technical studies, with particular reference to HazMat transportation; ii) the evaluation of the necessary updates in the needs for effective decision making concerning safety and security of HazMat transportation; and iii) the verification of the skills required to face the emerging threat of HazMat transportation security.