Dark Web
Project 'Cyber Crime: a Criminological Perspective'
Behaviour patterns on the Dark Web

Cyber Crime: a Criminological Perspective

- Tommy van Remunt & Johan van Wilsem, 'Wat wordt er nu eigenlijk gezegd? Een verkennend onderzoek naar communicatiepatronen op het Darkweb'. Proces 2016 
- Johan van Wilsem, 'Exploring the possibility of ‘moral hazard’ among victims of identity fraud. The relation between reimbursement for unauthorized cash withdrawals and risky online behavior' in Tom Holt (ed.), Cybercrime Through an Interdisciplinary Lens
- LDE A0 Poster


Cybercrime brings with it various societal costs, such as financial damage, denial of services, lack of trust in online business and loss of privacy. Though technical measures form an important part of preventing future cybercrimes by increasing cybersecurity, insight is also needed into what drives human action on the Internet, from the perspectives of offenders, targets and guardians. The current project focused on such a criminological perspective.

Using Darkweb observational data, obtained by collaboration with TNO to use their Darkweb Monitor, the research showed behavioural patterns of Darkweb forum users, and explored possibilities for risk assessments. With regard to target behaviour, large-scale, longitudinal data offered insight into cybercrime victimization and their repercussions for online behaviour.

Goals of project

  • Making and intensifying connections with criminological cybercrime researchers in the Netherlands and abroad
  • Collection of data on cybercriminals’  behavioural patterns
  • Systematising patterns of target behaviour on the Internet


  • Conference 'Cybercrime – Social science perspectives',  organised at the end of 2014 at Erasmus University Rotterdam.
  • Cybercrime workshop featuring two invited speakers and a selection of Dutch cybercrime researchers. During this event, plans for collaborative efforts were made.


The current project has been based on seed money granted by the Centre for Safety and Security in 2014