ACE Privacy: Assessing Cybersecurity and Enhancing Privacy


The Horizon 2020 call for Cybersecurity PPP: Privacy, Data Protection, Digital Devices (DS-08-2017) notes the challenges organisations have in terms of implementing and responding to the upcoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which will apply to all member states in 2018.


First, we see the potential to more actively pursue the concept of cybersecurity personal impact assessments. Although there is a significant amount of mediated concern regarding cybersecurity issues, in practice there is limited reaction on the part of ordinary consumers. For this potential focus, and based on our work on consumer surveillance, techno-regulation and social media surveillance, the development of tools for people to understand their own privacy exposure based on open source and auditable solutions can help to mitigate some of this post-hoc approach to cybersecurity.

Our second and somewhat related project would be the development of modular approaches to mobile cybersecurity. Given the ubiquity of mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets and the ‘internet of things’, the focus for this project development would be on the interconnections of data through Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). Ordinary users of mobile devices have a very limited understanding of the actual data being transferred from and to their devices and this project would focus on the development of tools and techniques to help create a more cybersecure citizenry.


  • The main deliverable will be the development of an Innovation Action proposal with an international consortium of like-minded partners. This proposal will detail a state of the art approach to the call text, detailing the project within multiple work packages, its relevance and impact over its planned three-year development and implementation. The proposal will be submitted on or before 24 August 2017.
  • A second research deliverable will be the production of a literature review and/or orientation research paper that will be the basis of our part of the H2020 proposal. This text will be submitted and published in a peer reviewed journal as a conceptual basis for our continued collaboration together and as a primary focus for articulating our approach in the H2020 proposal.


Leiden-Delft-Erasmus Centre for Safety and Security (April 2017); Erasmus University and Leiden University