MOOC: Risk in Modern Society. Enrollment is now open!

Learn about contemporary approaches to risk. The brand-new Leiden-Delft-Erasmus Massive Open Online Course ‘Risk in Modern Society’ starts on Monday, January 29. This course was developed by the Centre for Safety and Security.  

Risk in Modern Society

In our modern globalized world, risk has become one of our most prominent concerns. Nowadays, under the influence of science and technology, we are confronted with many new and complex forms of risk, ranging from industrial and natural disasters, to infectious diseases, terrorism, and violent crime. In recent years, significant changes have occurred in the nature of these risks, not only in terms of their reach and scale, but also in society’s ability to effectively manage them. 

Technological developments have led to the emergence of many new risks  @Image copyright US Coast Guard

Contemporary approaches to risk

The online course Risk in Modern Society sheds light on the broad concept of risk. As a learner you will find answers to questions such as: “what is risk?”, “how do we study and deal with risk?”, “does ‘perceived risk’ correspond to 'real' risk?”, and “how should we deal with societal perceptions of risk, safety and security? In five weeks, this course closely examines various types of safety and security risks, and how these are perceived and dealt with in a wide array of professional and academic fields, ranging from criminology, counter-terrorism and cyber security, to philosophy, safety science and medicine.

Enroll now!

Enrollment for the online course Risk in Modern Society' is now open. The first lecture will be online on Monday, January 29. The course takes place in a total of 5 weeks and is taught by teachers connected to the Leiden-Delft-Erasmus Centre for Safety and Security.

You are also welcome to join us at the launch on 29 January at the annual Leiden-Delft-Erasmus Centre for Safety and Security conference for drinks and bites at the Spanish Steps in the Wijnhaven building.

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