Honours class Cyber Security: how do you prevent a cyber attack?

Imagine the following scenario: Schiphol Airport is hacked in a cyberattack. Which actions can you take as Schiphol Airport or as one of the shareholders involved, and which instruments can you develop as the Dutch government to prevent a similar attack in the future?

Students of the Cybersecurity Honours Class are studying complex crisis situations like this one in June and July of this year. In their first class, they were immediately thrown into the deep end with a simulation game about an attack on Schiphol.

'Cybersecurity is not just a technical or legal issue', says Bibi van den Berg, assistant professor at the Law faculty of Leiden University. 'Cybersecurity is pre-eminently a multidisciplinary problem. If you want to adequately tackle problems in this field, multidisciplinary knowledge is required. That is why we developed this programme together. We did it for the first time last year and it worked well. It also fits well with the honours education, which provides skilled and motivated students with an extra challenge. We challenge them to look beyond the confines of their field.'

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