Working conference on the refugee situation

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Vessel 11, Rotterdam

Facing challenges together – Working conference on the refugee situation on the local and European level

Research on the island of Lesbos has shown how complex the refugee situation is and how much co-creation is needed to tackle this grand societal challenge. Hence in this working conference we want to bring together experts working e.g. in science, private sector, NGOs, municipalities, Law Enforcement Agencies and art.
The goals of the working conference are:
- To create new, stronger networks.
- To discuss the challenges we meet in our work.
- To work together for sustainable solutions for the refugee management on the local Dutch level, but also on the European level.
- To highlight the importance of stronger bonds between universities and practitioners.

This one-day working conference will consist of a combination of short presentations with invited speakers, moderated discussions and roundtable activities.

Please contact Bep Klop for more information:
Tel: +31 (0)10 408 2373
Center of Excellence in Public Safety Management